Play On – Samantha Young


Title: Play On     /

Author: Samantha Young     /

Release Date: 12th September 2017     /
**New York Times Best Seller**

Nora O’Brien is trapped in a life she never thought she would have. A young girl from a small town in the United States , she had high hopes for herself until her Father’s illness changed the course of her life. That is until a handsome Scotsman comes into her life and turns it around. I’ll leave it up to you to decide if it was for the best or not! The past continues to haunt Nora, in such a way that she’s pushing all forms of happiness away. Samantha Young has written Play On in such a way that you are drawn into Nora’s character. You truly begin to feel her emotions, her guilt and sorrow. Play On isn’t your typical millionaire meets struggling girl romance. It is a love story of two very strong characters haunted by their pasts, that have been portrayed so realistically you can truly connect with them.

The novel begins in Indiana, Nora’s home town, and moves onto Edinburgh like many of Samantha Young’s other novels. You are drawn into the Edinburgh streets through detailed descriptions in Play On. From the detail in the buildings to the weather you are drawn into the novel and feel as if you’re watching the characters  in front of you.

I love that Nora’s love interest, Aidan Lennox isn’t portrayed as a hero in this novel. The characters are equals. While they both have pasts they are trying to run from, they’re also denying themselves the here and now – or are they? Aidan is struggling with family issues while Nora is carrying the guilt of the world on her shoulders. I found myself really routing for these two to be together. Will they be willing to make certain sacrifices to be together? Samantha Young’s ability to create sexual tension through a careful choice of words is amazing and also reflects in her other novels ( that I will review soon! ) and in turn causes such anticipation in the story, you can’t put it down!

There are some amazing characters in Play On, written in true Scottish style they really bring the story to life.

I definaltey recommend this novel to anyone who is looking for a hot contemporary romance read!


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