Hollywood Scandal – Louise Bay 

Title : Hollywood Scandal     /

Author: Louise Bay     /

Release Date : 20th August 2017 /

I’ve loved Louise Bay’s writing for a while now. I’ve read a few of her others novels and loved the way she really pulls you in (review for other Louise Bay works coming soon!) As always I will try not to give too much away in terms of the story line, I hate ruining endings to books for people! Lana Kelly is our main character in Hollywood Scandal, and she is in a sense a form of recluse. Having been to New York City to achieve her dream and having the hopes of becoming a successful business owner ripped from her in the most humiliating way, Lana has retreated to her home town of Worthington, Maine, where she is protected and her privacy is respected. Louise Bay writes Lana’s character in such a way that we are drawn to her, we feel her insecurities and her worry becomes our own. In a way you almost feel like you are her. Lana relishes in her every day quiet life, she is the owner of a small business that is doing well, she has a nice home and good friends and neighbours. It’s all she could ever ask for, right? Louise Bay has managed to turn Lana’s life upside down in a sense, and I love her for it. A turbulent storm is forecast in Lana’s life and while she thinks she is prepared, nothing could prepare her for the life changing appearance of Hollywood actor Matt Easton. While successfully creating Matt Easton and portraying him as if he is in fact a real life Movie Star, through incorporating actual movie stars and certain locations, Louise Bay has brought Matt Easton to life. While I don’t want to give the storyline away, I will say this : Matt isn’t your ‘typical’ movie star, he is down to earth, sexy, and a man that we can all fantasize about! The true question throughout the novel is will Lana and Matt ever work? Matt is clearly in the lime light, while Lana has done everything in her power to keep her privacy. The novel is gripping, and you are kept on edge throughout wondering , will they work? Is this a happy ending? Will one of them relent so they can be together? And all the while you’re secretly praying that they do.

I really enjoyed Hollywood Scandal and would love more of Lana and Matt’s story!

I would recommend this book to those of you who love the millionaire romance types! 🖤✨

Congratulations to Louise Bay on yet another amazing novel!

Louise Bay is also a USA Today best selling author! **



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