Sugar Daddy – Sawyer Bennett 

Title: Sugar Daddy (Sugar Bowl Series Book #1)Author: Sawyer Bennett

Release Date : 24th May 2016

**USA Today Best Seller**

Sela Halsted is a broken woman, she is dealing with severe demons from her past that are still haunting her to this day. While she seems to have gotten her life together and is studying at University in San Francisco, her past threatens to come and ruin her future – but will she let it?

Sawyer Bennett has successfully managed to draw the reader in with Sela’s character. Sela is strong and independent, however she is vulnerable and scared deep down. In Sugar Daddy, we are drawn to Sela’s fight for revenge and we want her to succeed. Sela’s end goal is to see Jonathon Townsend pay for what he did to her, and she’s not stopping at anything to get what she wants. However, in her quest for revenge Sela doesn’t anticipate the sexy Beckett North coming into her life and throwing her plan off balance.

Beck is an insanely well written character, and I cannot thank Sawyer Bennett enough for bringing him to life. With his hot body aiming to please Sela at every given opportunity, it seems like icing on the cake that he is a down to earth guy, who helps others whenever he can, who donates millions to charity, and one who doesn’t tolerate bull shitters who are going to bring him down. Yes, Beck is a millionaire, but in comparison to other contemporary romance novels, his wealth hasn’t turned him into an arrogant, self-obsessed man.

While Sela and Beck’s relationship doesn’t start off as such, it turns into a very hot, steamy and anticipation fuelled relationship. Sela finds herself doing and feeling things, she never thought possible, and in return Beck finds himself moving further and further away from the Bachelor lifestyle. Sawyer Bennett has written this novel in a fashion that draws you in, you know from the beginning that Sela wasn’t planning on entering a relationship with Beck, and in the back of the readers mind you are secretly hoping that somehow, she won’t let what happened to her come between them. We know that Beck hates people with ulterior motives, and Sela has already admitted hers but only to herself. Sawyer Bennett successfully makes your gut turn with the possibility of these two not working out.

The descriptions of the characters in Sawyer Bennetts novels are amazingly well written! You begin to form images in your mind of how these people look, taste (yes taste! – there’s a lot of sexual descriptions here!) smell and feel. The ability to bring a character to life is inspiring. The detailed notes on the locations in the book are great, Sawyer Bennett leaves enough scope for the readers to fill in the blanks and make up your own little version of what these places might look like.

Now while some of you reading the story of Sela and Beck might think it’s unrealistic in its construed time frame, spontaneity is the key to success in this story. Sawyer Bennett has successfully written this story based in a mere six weeks, but has managed to make it feel like a lifetime.

As always, I don’t want to give too much of the story away, so I will stop there!

Sugar Daddy ends on a cliff hanger, so be prepared and get Sugar Rush ready! Seriously you will want to read on straight away so do yourself a favour!


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