Sawyer Bennett- Sugar Free

Title: Sugar Free (Sugar Bowl #3)Author: Sawyer Bennett

Release date: 11th October 2016

Star Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Sugar Free is the third and final book in the Sugar Bowl series, and what an amazing conclusion to Beck & Sela’s story!

I always hate coming to the end of an amazing book, but this one really got to me. You know those ones that leave a lasting effect on you? Well here is another to add to the list! 🖤 From the start of the series you’re hooked on Beck & Sela’s story and their quest for revenge, especially how they band together to get it. The amount of twists and turns that Sawyer Bennett has added leaves you gut wrenched, crippled over, and holding your breath! ✨

You fall in love with the characters, they’ve been described to a T 🖤you either love them or hate them! (JT 😒) 

I would definitely recommend this book, it’s a story of love, hate, revenge, and being reborn so to speak. I love this series 🖤💋


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