Georgia Cates : Endurance 

Title : Endurance (4th book in The Sin Series)Author : Georgia Cates

Release Date : 11th November 2016

Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 
Ellison and Jamie are destined to be together, but The Fellowship ways threaten to tear them apart. The fourth book in the Sin Series give us an insight into Bleu’s sister life and how she comes to be a part of the fellowship. It’s demanding and controlling, it’s scary and unlike anything she’s ever experienced before. Will she be willing to give up her freedom and move to Scotland permanently to be with the man she loves? Will Ethan Breckenridge even allow it? 🖤 The fellowship demands Ethan be put through the test of loyalty in Ellison’s place, the brutality of it shows in Georgia Cates writing. It’s heart breaking but darkly romantic that he’s willing to go through such lengths to prove his love to her. Is Ellison as strong as her sister? Will she be able to cope with the mentality of this new life? 
Their love story is hot, needy, and desperate but they can’t be without each other. They’ve ruined each other so they will never be will anyone else ✨
A lovely addition to The Sin Trilogy, I can’t wait to read Westlyn’s story! 🖤💋


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