Monica Murphy: The Fowler Sister Triogy 

Title: The Fowler Sister TrilogyAuthor: Monica Murphy


#1 Owning Violet

Release Date: 02-12-2014

Star Rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Violet Fowler has a rubbish time with men. After an incident that rocked her confidence to her core, she finds herself settling for less than what she deserves. Being the apple of her father’s eye, Violet doesn’t want to piss him off by doing anything remotely exciting, she has her sister Lily for that. After growing up in the family cosmetics business, Violet has worked her arse off to get her position within the company. Yes, her father is the boss, but she wants to prove herself to him and her grandmother, and she tries over and over again. After her mother’s death, Violet took on the role of mother hen to her younger and older sister but after her attack she feels hollow. Settling for Zachary as her future husband is what she thinks she must do. In her mind, she pushes away his infidelity and pretends not to notice it, her life is meaningless and empty until Ryder McKay comes along and turns it upside down.💋


Ryder McKay is a nobody. Or at least he was until Pillar Vasquez found him on the streets, rummaging through bins for scraps of food. Pillar uses him to her advantage, cleans him up and gets him employed. In repayment Ryder bends to her every will, and that ranges from fucking her to ruining the Fowler sisters. Pillar is hell bent on gaining an executive role at Fleur Cosmetics and will stop and nothing to get it. Violets fiancé, Zachary wins a promotion that Ryder has had his eye on for months, and it sends him reeling. Yes, he has come from a rough background, but he has worked his damned hardest to get to where he is today. The Prada and Gucci suits he wears don’t pay for themselves. The duo hatches a plan to break up Violet and Zachary, Pillar will seduce him, and Violet will fall for Ryder, who will then swoop up his big promotion. Once they accomplish this, Ryder is to break Violet so much that Pillar can take her place. The plan is smooth, and will no doubt win them executive positions within one of the finest cosmetics company in the world.✨


The relationship starts as a playful fling. Violet knows Ryder is using her, but she doesn’t care. Ryder is kind, and the sex is off the charts. Violet tried to be in control of everything around her, and when it comes to the Kink, Ryder takes control and makes her feel euphoria. The descriptive words and the amazing story telling on Monica Murphy’s part makes you feel like you’re right there feeling it with her.🖤


The way Monica Murphy has written this story is amazing. You’re on the edge of your seat to the very end, wondering and gripping to the final strings of this duo’s relationship. Will they work? Will Ryder actually break fragile Violet so much that she won’t be able to put the pieces back together? This is the start of a great trilogy. The sisters are each uniquely written, Violet appears weak and unstable, but she really is the head strong mother hen figure. Rose is the baby of the trio, she is independent, unique and doesn’t depend on anyone. Lily is the eldest child, the rebel, trouble maker and attention seeker. Monica Murphy makes you fall in love with all three of them, and I would definitely recommend this trilogy!💋


#2 Stealing Rose

Release Date: 03-03-2015

Star Rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Rose Fowler has always played by the rules. Having Violet as her mother figure for her whole life has reared her this way. Although she is stronger mentally than Violet, Rose has never been one to stray as wild as her eldest sister. Playing her dutiful daughter role to please her father and to maintain her public image, Rose has never been one to break the rules. But why can’t she? Following on from Owning Violet, Stealing Rose tells us the story of how Rose Fowler falls into the arms of Caden Kingsley. Rose is young, at twenty-three she has never had the chance to explore, that being the world and her personal life. But a chance encounter at a party for the film premiere of her Grandmother’s legacy and how Fleur cosmetics came to be, Rose finds herself being rescued from an over aggressive admirer by Caden. Unaware of his true intentions, Rose follows her instincts and drinks more than she should, ending up naked in his arms.💋


Caden Kingsley is a thief. And a good one at that. Following his father’s suicide, their family lost everything and the lifestyle that went along with it. Caden knew no better, and wanting only to provide for his mother, he began to steel highly valuable jewellery to get by. No, he isn’t rich or famous, but he does have money and he gets it well. His new client is after a particular piece, and that piece is wrapped around Rose Fowlers neck. Knowing that he missed his chance, Caden grabs another item from an unknowing passer-by and makes a run for it.🖤


Violet and Ryder have moved to London in order to head the offices of Fleur Cosmetics, and Rose joins them. Needing a break from her day to day life, she spends a few weeks staying at a hotel and exploring the city. Or at least she tries to. A chance encounter at a local pub for after work drinks brings Caden Kingsley back into her life and he brings a little more than just a smile. The duo is addicted to each other, the sex is hot, new, and it makes you horny as hell to read it. Monica Murphy, I salute your ability to write amazing, mouth-watering sex scenes!✨

Will Caden take the Poppy Necklace? Will Rose forgive him? I never want to give away too much of the story in my reviews, but the final few chapters of this novel had me on the edge of my seat. I didn’t want to put it down, I had to know what happened! This novel is a great follow on from Owning Violet and I love that we learn more about Violet and Ryder through Rose!💋

#3 Taming Lily

Release Date: 07-07-2015

Star Rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Lily Fowler is my favourite Fowler Sister. I usually don’t favour characters when they’re all written similarly but I think Lily resonates with me! Her playful, out of control attitude is one that I can relate to. Dealing with her Mother’s death, her father’s lack of love, and the pressure of the limelight is what Lily parties for. It’s her way of dealing with the stress of being a Fowler. In Owning Violet and Stealing Rose, we paint a picture of what type of character Lily will be, but that all changes once you read her story. Lily is fragile, and she doesn’t know how else to cope with her life choices. When she was younger and craved the attention, she needed from her Father, the only way she could get his attention was by doing the wrong things. And here she is again, running away and hiding from the shit storm she’s dug up.✨


It isn’t all bad, since her hide up is a tropical beach in Hawaii, but it’s what she’s running from that has her on edge and unable to relax. A hot Texas Cowboy comes riding into Lily’s life and sweeps her off her feet. The hide out seems slightly more bearable with him around, especially since he saved her from drowning.🖤


That Texan Cowboy is Max Coleman. A Private Investigator hired to obtain Lily Fowler’s laptop. That laptop contains the details of some messed up work by his client, and she wants it back before it gets out. Lily doesn’t come across as his client described her, she’s beautiful and Max can’t bring himself to hurt her. Starting a holiday romance with her is wrong. He is here to work, and work he should do. After gaining Lily’s trust and falling into her bed, Max finds himself falling for her and he doesn’t want to let her go. His client is insistent on getting that Laptop, calling him night and day to find out if he has it or not, and this makes Lily’s already suspicious mind go wild.💋


Lily is hurt when she wakes to find Max gone, along with her laptop. And on returning to New York, she discovers that she left old naked photos of herself on there. Her mind is working a million miles an hour and she has no idea how to get herself out of this mess. Being a skilled hacker used to be helpful when she was a kid, and now it’s gone and gotten her into trouble. What she doesn’t know is, is that when Max finds out what his client is up to and the damage it will cause Lily he can’t go through with it. He can’t bring himself to hurt her.✨


Will they work out? Will the hot steamy sex be the thing that they both crave enough to make it work? Will Max Coleman succeed in taming Lily?💋


Another amazing novel by Monica Murphy. The trilogy is well written as a whole but the three novels complement each other beautifully 🖤


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