Georgia Cates : Unintended 

Author: Georgia CatesTitle: Unintended (Sin Series Novella)

Release Date: 20th October 2017

Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


** If you haven’t read the Sin Series then please do before you read this! Inevitable spoilers alert!**

Ever since I finished reading Endurance (Jamie & Ellison’s story) I have craved for more of the fellowship! I strongly advise that you read the Sin Series Trilogy and Endurance before you read Unintended, only because it will give you a better understanding of the story line! I had high hopes for Westlyn’s story and Georgia Cates delivered! I will say that I was hoping for more of a story line, but as this is standalone novel I understand that a lot of stuff was crammed into a short space of time. It seemed a little rushed towards the end of the novel, but the points where made, and the ending was beautiful as always. 🖤

I wanted to know, or rather needed to know what happened to Westlyn from the moment she made her exit in Endurance. Was she okay? What where The Order doing to her? I was definitely left on a cliff hanger. Throughout the sin series Westlyn is a strong character, she’s had to be due to her rough upbringing by her power-hungry Father. I love how Georgia Cates has written Westlyn and Jamie Breckenridge as two loving, powerful, genuinely loving characters in contrast to that of their parents. When it was decided that Westlyn was to be married to Kieran Hendry the next leader of The Order in an attempt to bring peace between the two rivals, it scared her. It was a given that marriages within the fellowship weren’t always happy, the women where there to provide heirs to their husbands and nothing much more. However, we know from reading Sin and Bleu’s story along with Jamie and Ellison’s that true love can exist in this harsh world of Mob / Mafia life.💋

You could say that Westlyn was extremely lucky that it was Kieran Hendry who is to be her husband. What starts off as a terrifying experience, Westlyn manages to hold her own and plays Kieran at his own game. When he realises that she isn’t all she seems, he changes his tactics towards her and shows her that he can be nice, loving and romantic. If they are to be married for the sake of two Brotherhoods, then they should make the most of it and try and get along. After all they’re both insanely attracted to one another and their sex life is great. The way Georgia Cates has written Westlyn’s story is kind to her character. We fall a little more in love with her as a woman and are grateful when she shows us she won’t bow down in the face of fear. After all she is a fellowship woman, she knows how to protect herself.✨

I feel like there could have been more from Westlyn’s story, but I know that could just be me being greedy! So please do read this series if you love the danger element and the Mob/Mafia hot steamy romances!🔥


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