Georgia Cates : The Beauty Series 

Title: Beauty SeriesAuthor: Georgia Cates

Star Rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

#1: Beauty From Pain

Release Date: 04-01-2014

#2: Beauty From Surrender

Release Date: 04-01-2014

#3: Beauty From Love

Release Date: 28-01-2014


Georgia Cates has created an epic story in The Beauty Series! I fell in love with the characters straight away and was drawn into the story epically. As always, I will try my best not to give too much away in terms of the story line, but there might be a few spoilers included here! These where released back in 2014 so if you haven’t read them yet, do so now! 🔥

What started as a whirlwind holiday romance, Laurelyn Prescott and Jack McLachlan are only meant to have three months together. Jack is hell bent on a no strings attached agreement, and knowing that she won’t see him again once she heads home to the States, Laurelyn agrees. The sex is hot, the relationship is fun, but they both find themselves breaking the rules with one another. Laurelyn can’t stand the thought of another man rejecting her, given her past experiences and her Daddy issues. Making a break for it, she returns to the states without so much as a goodbye and attempts to move on with her music career.🔥

What she doesn’t factor in, is Jack’s reaction to her leaving. He didn’t want a relationship, right? That’s what he told her. That’s what he told himself. So how do they work this out? He doesn’t even know her last name, he has no chance of finding her.


Laurelyn is an independent woman. Having come from a broken family, and having had no contact with her famous musician of a father, she’s had to be. Laurelyn’s mother doesn’t understand anything past wanting her daughter to be successful in the music industry. Having returned to the states and her career as a musician taking off, Laurelyn heads on the road to enjoy her new-found stardom. All the while still nursing the heartache of leaving her Aussie Cowboy. Laurelyn doesn’t anticipate that her cowboy may actually come to find her.✨

Jack McLaughlin is wealthy and successful, so nothing is going to stop him from finding his Laurelyn. He doesn’t anticipate finding her, he doesn’t know what to expect when he does. What he sees breaks him in two, but is it really what he thinks it is?💋

I don’t want to go on anymore!! I can’t spoil too much of this epic love story for anyone! If you’re a fan of Georgia Cates then you already know how her stories end. That’s one of the reasons I love them so much!🖤

The way the characters are written in The Beauty Series really draws them in your mind. You can imagine what these people look like, clear as day. I could imagine the locations she was describing, and I fell in love with them. These are truly a great piece of fiction! I wish they didn’t have to end! There are a lot of other characters in these books, I’d love to read some of their stories if Georgia Cates ever fancied it! The story of Zac & Addison being one, and maybe even Jack’s brother! 🔥


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