Sam Mariano : The complete Irreparable Box Set 

 Title: The Complete Irreparable Box Set (Irreparable #1 & #2)

Author: Sam Mariano

Release Date: 14-10-2016

Star Rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This series has material that some readers may find distressing.⚠️

If you haven’t read the Morelli Family Series, then you won’t be familiar with Ethan and Willow’s story. We learn a little from the previous series and you are left wanting more!! Sam Mariano has delivered for us eager readers with Irreparable #1 & #2. There are no spoilers in this box set regarding the Morelli family, but I would recommend you read the series beforehand to understand the lifestyle of the mafia / mob🔥

While their meeting was horrible, but out of their control, Ethan and Willow start to form an uncanny friendship. They are both characters written in such a light, that you can’t help but being drawn into their hardship and sorrow. Neither of them wanted this, and Ethan regrets what he had to do to Willow. Did putting his wife and kids before Willow hamper their chance of a relationship? In general, he’s a stand-up guy but did he push it too far this time?⛓

Will his wife forgive him? Will Willow? Being the daughter of a mafia man, Willow knows how much danger Ethan could be in if her father finds him. Will he listen to Willow? After how much he hurt her? What Father would let a man like that walk free?🔥🔫

What Sam Mariano has done with this story is amazing. Tapping into our utmost senses she has brought the brutal, honest feelings to light. We truly feel connected to both Ethan and Willow, along with the other characters. You desperately want them to work out, to be happy and find peace after the turmoil of their pasts, but will they manage it?💋

As always, no Spoilers here!!✨✨
As a follow, on from the Morelli Family series – and to tide you over until #7 is released this month! I would highly recommend this box set!🖤

The love, passion, hatred, confusion and a million other emotions are brought to the surface, and harbour deep within you.🔥

Another amazing set by Sam Mariano!!🖤


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