Marilena Barbagallo: He Wants It All

Title: He Wants It All

Author: Marilena Barbagallo

Release Date: 8th November 2017

Star Rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Synopsis: Krum Botev has never had anything in life apart from himself. He knows only what he has been taught. Hard, selfish, insensitive, but faithful to the Father, the one who raised and educated him according to the values of the secret society he is part of. No one has ever succeeded in knocking down his armour. No one can touch him outside or inside; no-one except her, who is part of that past Krum cannot forget. Ambra Livori, a beautiful and wealthy heiress, has always had everything. But nightmares don’t give her a break. They go on showing her the man who ruined her life when she was only sixteen. The memory of him, over time, has become a perverse feeling she cannot tolerate. Just when Ambra decides to learn how to control her emotions, she receives a strange call. Her origins will be questioned, and the past will become a terrible present from which she won’t be able to escape. Fighting for herself will be the only solution. What links Ambra and Krum? But most of all, can two different souls be able to touch each other outside and inside? A secret organization, an uncontrollable passion, a man and a woman destined to clash.✨



I am so glad that Marilena had this novel translated to English! I will say that the Ebook copy does have some translation issues, however you can still read and fall in love with the characters! It didn’t take long at all to get sucked into Krum and Ambra’s story.🖤

Their dark past comes back into the present to haunt them both and they are hell bent on making each other hurt. What Krum did to Ambra when she was just a child is painful – even for us as readers! Marilena has transmitted the characters feelings perfectly and you are drawn into their emotions. ✨

I love how the story is told from both characters points of view as you get a fuller understanding about their behaviour. You understand why they are like they are, before either of them realise it, and so you find yourself rooting for the duo to put the past behind them. There were a few points where I wanted to reach into the book and knock their heads together!

However, there’s nothing like the present, and nothing is more important than concentrating on it! After the death of her father, Ambra is drawn into a life she never knew existed. One that Krum is heavily involved with. As always, I try not to give too much away with regards to story lines, so I will keep it short! Ambra is a strong, very wealthy young woman, one who doesn’t take orders from anyone! However, she doesn’t anticipate the news she receives, and so her present becomes a living nightmare.🖤

Krum is a strong, dangerous character. We learn enough about him to understand why he is the way he is, but is he capable of change? We know why he is the way he is, but what other secrets is he hiding? Will Ambra ever actually forgive him? Will Krum ever fully trust Ambra?✨

The descriptions within the book really make you envision what the characters are seeing. The cross over between Bulgarian and Italian bring two cultures together beautifully and the detail of the characters surroundings make you fall in love with a fictional place! From nature to art and architecture Marilena has successfully created a world worth loving. And if you can’t fall in love with an Italian masterpiece then this isn’t the book for you! If you love Italy, the Italian culture and a hot and destructive love story then I would definitely recommend this book! Be warned there is a cliff hanger!! I can’t wait for the next instalment of Krum and Ambra’s story!💋



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