Rebel Carter: Steve -#1 Ink & Bone Series

Title: Steve #1 Ink & Bone Series

Author: Rebel Carter

Release Date: 1st September 2015

Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Jordyn Summers thought she had her life figured out. She had great friends, a job she loved, and a doting long-term boyfriend. But what happens when Jordyn finds out that the man she thought she knew, loved, and had been saving herself for, for the past five years, never really existed? Because that is exactly what happens when Jordyn finds the man she thought was the love of her life entangled in a workplace affair. Hurt, angry, and tired of being the good girl, Jordyn takes off on a quest to lose her virginity and finally do as she pleases. And that’s where she finds Steve Ryans, the man who doesn’t do relationships but specializes in one-night stands. He’s the perfect man for Jordyn, because he’s more than what his rough, bad boy, tattoo artist covered in ink exterior betrays. Steve’s blessed with a sinfully sweet smile and a hidden heart of gold, but he is carrying around a secret that hasn’t allowed him to truly care for anyone in years.

But what happens when Jordyn and Steve realize just one night isn’t nearly enough for either of them?


I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book! There were a few issues with regards to spelling on the eBook, however, this didn’t affect the reading of the story or how any of the characters, plot etc. where portrayed.✨

I really enjoyed how Rebel has written Jordyn as a woman. She is a strong character and we get to witness her transition from being the good church wife she is destined to be, to the determined, beautiful woman we know she is! For too long Jordyn has submitted to her fiancé’s wishes, and after his betrayal it’s her time to earn back the time she lost. I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to read the story of a woman on a mission! I think as women we are often scrutinised for our own sexual needs and desires, and so reading Jordyn’s story only solidifies the fact that it is normal for us to want SEX!!🖤

We join Jordyn on her path to discovery, and you become connected to her on some level. What Jordyn doesn’t anticipate is her one-night stand turning into something more – I mean that’s not supposed to happen is it? This story is told from the stand point of both characters and, so we learn both sides of the story at once! The thing is, Steve doesn’t anticipate wanting something more with Jordyn either! Can he leave his past behind for her? Can he move past the pain he has suffered for Jordyn?✨

I truly recommend this book to anyone who loves a romantic, happy ever after!

I will be grabbing the second instalment as soon as it’s available! I can’t wait to hear Jamie and Dora’s story!🖤


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