Lylah James: The Mafia And His Angel Part Three

Title: The Mafia And His Angel Part 3

Author: Lylah James

Release Date: 21-11-2017

Star Rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️+

**Trigger Warning**



My wings were ready to fly, but he clipped them. Feather by feather, until I had nothing left.

Then my savior came.

He waged a bloodbath to find me. He loves me. He wants his Angel to be free.

But how can I fly again when my wings are broken?


This war isn’t over. If he thought he could break her and just disappear, he was wrong. I am going to find him and break him like he broke her.

I made a vow to my Angel.

I promised to let her fly…I promised to save her soul.

And I never break my vows.


Well!! Where do we start with TMAHA?! I’ve loved Alessio and Ayla’s story from the very beginning, and Lylah James successfully leaves you on a cliff hanger every single time! I always try my best not to give any of the story away, so I will just say this – I’m so glad that Lylah James gives us a glimmer of hope in this novel!

If you haven’t read Parts 1 & 2 yet, then you need to do so now! Following on from the epic cliff hanger at the end of part two, we pick up with Alessio and Ayla in the exact same place. You are thrown into a whirlwind of emotions, a roller-coaster of heartache and downright epic love! We feel Ayla’s pain from the very beginning, and you want nothing more than for her to be happy and at peace, and Lylah James has successfully pulled you into each characters emotion. You feel their pain, their frustration and anger, but also their deep love and lust. You almost become one of them, and it’s painfully beautiful.🖤

I cannot think of a bad word to say with regards to this novel – and that is brutally honest! We are aware of the world these characters live in, and we visualize their surroundings as our own. The additional characters fit the story line well, and become important as the story goes on. I love the detail that Lylah James is able to achieve in her writing, and you are captivated from the very start. While some of the story is downright awful, painful and makes you want to launch the book across the room – you cant!! You have to find out what happens!🖤

As soon as I received this book my whole life stopped and I was living within the pages. It’s dark, dangerous and erotic. I love the development of the characters especially, it gives us a timeline throughout the three novels of them as individuals. We learn about them as if they are new friends, and we want nothing more than for them to be happy.✨

The ending of this novel is WOW! I won’t say anymore – but I hope we aren’t waiting too long for the next instalment!!💋


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