V. Theia : Preacher Man

Title: Preacher Man

Author: V. Theia

Release Date: 26th June 2017

Star Rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Preacher could be called many things;

eran, and

particular feisty woman
dirty to win her.





hed biker?

gs attached, with Preacher?




wants it all, at any cost.

to heal because Fate has a way of intervening where headstrong soulmates are concerned.

o the extreme sexy times between two consenting crazy in lust adults.


This book changed my life! I know people say it all the time and it sounds ridiculously cheesy, but I mean it! It may not do that for you, but some of the themes included in this book really made me realise that you have to let the past go. On that note, I cannot thank Victoria enough for writing this book. I wasn’t expecting the twists and turns that she included, and my heart broke for Preacher. I love how she’s written both Ruby and Preacher as characters of strong minds, wills and determination. I wouldn’t have pictured them any other way.✨

If you’ve read Dirty Salvation, then you will know a little about Ruby and what has happened to her. I clung to these two characters ridiculously! I wanted nothing more than for them to have a HEA! I know Victoria doesn’t leave us on cliff-hangers, but I wish I could skim the pages faster, so I knew what was going to happen! The anticipation is ridiculous, but it makes the reading so much more worthwhile!🖤

I fell in love with Preacher straight away, and wanted to help him so badly! If you’re a mama, then you’ll understand the motherly instincts included in this book. Towards the end of the book my heart was breaking for little Sebastian, and Ruby. The trust issues she has due to her past are monumental, however Preacher breaks them down one by one. This is what I loved so much about this book, the way the characters spoke to me on a personal level. Shouldn’t we all have that one person who is willing to fight for us no matter what? Reading Preacher was like taking a glimpse at our real-life relationships and realising that sometimes we have to trust others if we want to have what we truly deserve.✨

There are some damn steamy scenes in this book too! Probably not a great idea to read it where you can’t get some relief! (Just saying 🔥)

I really like Victoria’s way of including snippets of the other characters story lines along the way, and how we catch up with Zara and Ryder too! The Renegade Souls are truly one big family, where the hell do I sign up? I’ll be a prospect please! I can’t wait to catch up with them in book 3 – Tracking Luxe!🖤



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