V Theia : Tracking Luxe

Title: Tracking Luxe

Author: V Theia

Release Date: 16th November 2017

Star Rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


She’s a thief.

And he’s a tracker.

It’s not every day one of those fabled Renegade Souls MC outlaw finds himself on the end of a con.

Grinder is a skilled hunter and he got played by the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.

What else is he to do, but go on a year long retaliation crusade.

Only, he wants more from Luxe Reyes.

He wants everything. She’s a swarm of temper and allure and she becomes his obsession.

Criminally minded, Luxe didn’t anticipate being tied and gagged.

It’s not the ideal setting for a budding seduction, not when she wants to punch the face of her handsome captor.

She’s his hostage.

He’s … hers. They say romance is dead.

The moment Luxe is free she’s going to kill the damn biker.

If she doesn’t kiss him first.

No one ever said you should fall in love with your kidnapper.

They didn’t say you shouldn’t, either.

Disclaimer:Intended for 18+ due to the biker kidnapping his woman, because who hasn’t done that in the name of romance and all the sexy alleyway shenanigans that follows. Review: “Things would never be dull between a highly trained tracker and the thief who stole him”

After reading Dirty Salvation & Preacher Man, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed in Tracking Luxe! Victoria Theia has managed (yet again!) to draw us into the world of the Renegade Souls MC. I love love love the characters she has created!

I specifically loved the tension that was created in this novel. I felt it more in this story than the previous two. My heart thoroughly leapt into my mouth at certain points, and I wanted nothing more than to scream!

We know that Luxe has taken something from Grinder, and Grinder will stop at nothing to get it back. “Grinder was the Lion. He got his mark. Always”

I love Luxe’s character. I love how head strong and independent Victoria has written her. Independent, and reliant on no one – why would she be? Everyone always leaves in the end. While she isn’t moping in her own self-pity, Luxe is out making a name for herself, and making the money she needs to set herself up for life. What she doesn’t anticipate is falling into the wrong hands, and taking from the wrong kind of people.

Grinder will do anything for Luxe. Why? Because he’s fallen under the spell that most of the Renegade Souls seem to be falling under. (The power of the wet, pink kind!) Allowing her to use him ends him in some trouble, but what will happen to them? Will they realise what they have? Will they stop playing petty games with each other?

I love learning about the different characters story lines, especially since we catch up with previous characters throughout the novel too! I think I could have taken a bit more from Grinder & Luxe but I know I’m probably just being impatient and wanting to know everything, now! (No pressure Victoria)

As always the additional characters in this novel tie in beautifully with the story, and the sense of brotherhood and family really comes to the surface. While the sexual tension is evident from the get go, given Grinder & Luxe’s history, Victoria has successfully continued to build the tension throughout the novel, giving it ultimate sexy scenes and damn steamy sex!

I highly recommend this book to you once you have finished the previous two! This series is a hot, steamy and slightly dangerous romance. If you think you can handle the men of the Renegade Souls MC, they are available on Amazon! 


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