Sam Mariano : Entrapment

Title: Entrapment

Author: Sam Mariano

Release Date: 8th December

Star Rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Blurb: Get ready for the Morelli family like you’ve never seen them before—through the eyes of Mateo Morelli.

four days, I kept her to myself.

four days, she was mine.

, at the first opportunity, she left me.

he world it may seem I’ve let her go, but she’ll never be beyond my reach.

atter where she is, no matter how she feels about me, Mia will always be mine.

I will always be hers.

ong>**Entrapment is a short Morelli family novel (60k words) from the oft-requested POV of Mateo. It takes place during Accidental Witness, BUT it is intended to be read at the end of the series, after all the puzzle pieces have clicked into place.
ddition to the Entrapment story, this collection includes deleted scenes from each of the seven books in the Morelli family series. **
ING: trigger warnings apply. This is a dark romance/mafia story with dark themes. Violence and WTF-ery abounds.


If you have read The Morelli Family Series, then you will be very familiar with a certain Mateo Morelli. I love how Sam has written him as a character, and when I heard that she would be releasing Entrapment – various scenarios and deleted scenes told from Mateo’s POV I was so excited! While the whole book doesn’t solely focus on Mateo, I loved being able to see a few scenes from his POV and it really brought his way of thinking to life! I craved for this follow up of the rollercoaster romance of Mateo and Mia!

I think Entrapment is a beautiful addition to the series (I won’t say ending, because I don’t want it to end!) I honestly never thought I would feel soft, or caring towards Mateo, but after reading Entrapment I can completely understand Mia’s train of thoughts, and why she cares so much about him! She doesn’t seem so crazy somehow! Gazing on the outside world from his eyes, really opens you up to his feelings, the ones he’s so deeply rooted. When we initially thought he was nothing but an arsehole to Mia, we see a totally different side to why he was the way he was!

I loved the deleted scenes that Sam has included here. I feel calling them sex scenes totally underestimates their value! I seriously had a few moments throughout, like “Huh? NO WAY!” They are downright smut, hot and erotic! I never expected them and they shocked me….only for Sam to reel me back down to reality!

If anything I wish we could have a play by play of the whole series from Mateo’s POV. It’s a viewpoint like no other!

If anything, this book made me fall even more in love with Mateo, and I really hope this isn’t the last we hear of the Morellis!

If you haven’t read the Morelli Family series, then I highly recommend you do so! I found Accidental Witness slightly difficult to get into but once you do and you continue the series you will no doubt fall in love with it! I never envisioned Mateo the way Sam has portrayed him, but as the series has gone on, he has become one of my all-time favourite book boyfriends (husband, dominant, manwhore….he can be anything he wants to me really!)


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