R L Mendoza : The Pregnant Bride

Title: The Pregnant Bride Author: R L Mendoza Release Date: 13th November 2017Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️

I want to start this review by saying, that I understand how hard it is to take words and transform them into a book. On that note, I honestly can’t say that I understood clearly what was happening here.

While the story line is kinda there, it doesn’t make much sense. The story line jumps really quickly, leaving you confused and a little lost as to what just happened.

We understand that Asia has been drafted in to carry a baby for Leon, but that’s about as far as it goes for understanding.

The descriptions of the characters needed to be more in depth as I could clearly picture what they should look like. At one point Leon is described as ‘unattractive’ so for me that puts a downer on this leading Male role – who in a romance book should be attractive.

The story moves really quickly, it took an hour to read the whole thing, and as a result you are left with a series of events, that should be life changing, squashed into a month.

There are certain points throughout that definitely need editing, and some of the grammar and language used makes it possible that it could have been translated? I can’t find any evidence to suggest that it has been.

While I can appreciate the story that the author has created, the idea is obviously there. I think more time and care would have made this book so much better. It does appear rushed! 🖤


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