Ava Bentley: Watch Me

Title: Watch Me

Author: Ava Bentley

Release Date: 28th September 2017

Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


When she’s tired of spending time on an endless loop of things that don’t work, Mia is forced to take desperate measures. Her plan is unique; an embarrassing photo accompanied by a wide-open calendar asking complete strangers for one day, one work out, one chance meeting. <br

the days continue to pass, and her goals still aren't met, a shiny red business card leads her to a new opportunity and a hot retired fighter who is ready to stand in her corner. <br

is her own worst enemy and everything she thought she knew about herself and her new life gets tested when there's a setback, but Colin refuses to give up on her. <br

he willing to fight for what she wants? Or is she satisfied with sitting back and watching others live their life?



Looking for a true to life romantic, love story? Then look to further! Ava Bentley has delivered Watch Me to us typical romantics and I can honestly say I loved every second of it!

I believe that Ava has successfully picked up on a major problem we have today – body image. I adore the way she has portrayed Mia on her quest for a healthier body, her self-conscious issues and more. They’re real life problems that we all suffer from!

Ava has taken something so simple, in comparison to other novels where the dramatics is something major that not a lot of us can relate to – and turned it into a gorgeous love story. Don’t we all want to find that person who loves us no matter our flaws? (Or what we think are flaws?) Of course, we do!

Mia takes it upon herself to change her life. Little does she realise that by embarking on this new fitness journey, she will undoubtedly find the rest of her life in a fitness instructor. Cheesy? Maybe. Romantic? Definitely. After barging into Colin MacDonald’s gym, accidentally smacking him in the nether regions a true love story begins to bloom – and isn’t that an epic way to start it all?

I think we can relate to Mia wanting to distance her self from love, to save herself from the heartache that inevitably follows, and from the rejection that comes from poor body image. What saddens me, is that only some of us will find our Colin’s. That one person who pushes you, who eggs you on to complete your dreams no matter what. Not for their own self image but for you to be happy. That one person who wants nothing more than for you to be confident in your own skin, and love you for it.


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