Pepper Winters – The Dollar Series

Pepper Winters – The Dollar Series

Title: Pennies

Author: Pepper Winters

Release Date: 18-06-16

Star Rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


I’m not the hero in this story, girl. You’d do best to remember that.”

Once upon a time, I was an eighteen year old psychology student.

Now, I’m a man’s property.

Stolen and sold, I’ve been decorated in bruises since the day my world changed two years ago.

I suffer in silence, I crave freedom, but I never break.

I can’t.

Until he arrives.

Elder Prest, the only man to look at me and see me. The only man more ruthless than my owner.

He wants me for reasons I don’t understand.

He claims me for one night then leaves and never looks back.

Until he returns.

And life becomes much more complicated.

First Book in the USA Today Bestselling Dollar Series


⚠️⚠️** I will issue a trigger warning for this whole series – contains graphic scenes that some readers may find distressing**⚠️⚠️

While we are familiar with Pepper Winters amazing abilities to draw our attention to the dark underworld of Sex Trafficking through The Monsters In The Dark series – she has delivered yet again through this new, dangerously dark, explicitly erotic Dollar Series!

Pennies is the first book of five, and solely concentrates on one main character – Pim. There is nothing remotely romantic about this first book as it depicts her time in captivity.

There are very, very detailed scenes of her abuse – at times I was wondering if I could continue reading. I found this series harder to read than Monsters In The Dark – and that was dark!

While reading other reviews on this first book, I found a lot of people saying that it just went on and on. I will agree with those statements – however, by the end of the series we appreciate why Pepper Winters has gone into so much detail! It really makes you appreciate the changes the characters go through. It definitely wouldn’t work as a stand alone novel, but the whole series combined makes for a great read!

I appreciated the strength that Pepper Winters instilled in Pimlico, even after the horrific events she has endured. I loved her sass and whitt even when she remained silent!

When we are finally introduced to Elder, we can’t help but be intrigued by his character. Does he mean well? He’s the only person in two years that Pimlico has had be nice to her. But will he stay that way? Will he take her away from this place?

Towards the end of the book you are so captivated by Pimlico’s story, you forget about the darkness for a second and cling on to the hope that Pepper Winters has written. That last scene had me hanging off the edge of my seat – only for Pepper to leave us on a major cliff hanger!

I particularly loved how Pepper has managed to entwine the titles of each book into the story – that was romantic as hell!

Onto Dollars!

Title: Dollars #2

Author: Pepper Winters

Release Date: 18-11-16

Star Rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


“I should never have asked for a night with you. This would never have happened if I’d had more willpower.”

Once upon a time, I was a mute captive who wished for death.

Now, I’m stowed away on a yacht.

Saved and taken, the thief who stole me demands my voice, my past, my everything.

I won’t give in.

But Elder refuses to take no for an answer.

He pushes and cajoles, slowly discovering who I am. Until I find out he plays the cello to escape his demons, all while his music conjures mine.

He’s rich, I’m bankrupt.

I’m mute by choice, he’s curious by nature.

So many reasons why we can never work.

But that doesn’t stop our connection, our passion.

Until one night, he ruins everything.

And our relationship becomes twisted and full of sin


After finishing Pennies, I was eager to read Dollars! The cliff hanger from the first book transforms into this new world with new characters and less darkness!

We are welcomed more into the world of our second main character – Elder Prest.

While through Pennies we don’t learn much about him – let alone decide if we can trust him or not, we definitely do in this book.

I love the play on that continues with each book title. Pimlico’s worth grows with each book – from pennies to millions (Figuratively) And the only reason that happens is because of Elder.

While we learn he is a dark man, with secrets of his own – he is nothing like the men Pimlico is used to.

Pepper Winters has created a fictional world that for some crazy reason we want to be a part of. The rich, the famous and the darkness that comes with it.

Elder is wealthy beyond reason, and he uses that to his advantage. The methods in which he comes up with to help Pim are as unconventional as they come. But Pepper Winters has made us see it from his point of view – and you kinda fall in love with the guy!

I love the strengths that Pimlico is growing through this book – you find yourself egging her on! Female power at it’s finest!

We are welcomed into a world of sheer money and power – much better than the stark white contrast of the first book. You fall in love with the mega yacht – The Phantom and all she represents.

Elder Prest has his own demons, ones that eventually entwine into his life with Pim. But what is that life? Pepper Winters leaves us wanting more throughout the whole book. Both characters are wary of each other, with neither of them strong enough to move forward.

Elder is riddled with guilt while Pimlico is wanting someone to blame. It’s a loose, loose situation for a while!

Title: Hundreds

Author: Pepper Winters

Release Date: 02-05-2017

Star Rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


“I’m done hurting her. She’s been hurt enough. It’s time I set her free…”

Once upon a time, I wished to go home and forget.

Now, I’m strong and ready to fight.

Seduced and claimed, Elder no longer just demands my voice, he commands me to be a thief like him.

I refuse.

But he offers me things I shouldn’t want, favours I should run from.

In return for his protection, I’m ordered to steal enough pennies and dollars to buy back my freedom.

Only, we both aren’t prepared for how he changes me, evolves me.

It’s my turn to learn about him.

It’s his wish to teach me how to be normal.

Until something goes wrong.

And our life together comes to an end.


The third book in the series! I finally thought by this point that the story was gripping me!

The characters have grown closer together and while they still remain apart due to personal fears, you cant seem to put the book down without finally knowing what happens!

Elder has successfully put Pimlico back together. Granted that may be very different to the girl she was when she was taken, but she’s finally starting to find her feet.

With her renewed confidence, she begins to challenge Elder – he even begins to miss her being mute! This I found thrilling, especially after reading such darkness for two whole books!

Elder gives Pim a purpose. Something that means she is worth something – I love this play on the titles of the book, they connect so well. The series is very well named!

Elder starts to introduce Pim into the world again. A world that has long since changed since she was last allowed to roam free. All the while giving her choices, Pim finds herself able to run – to go home. Back to the girl she was.

On finding that she doesn’t want to go home, Pim clings to the hope that Elder will want to keep her.

Title: Thousands

Author: Pepper Winters

Release Date: 15-08-2017

Star Rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


“Love had been stolen from me for reasons entirely my fault. But then a miracle happened, and Pim gave me something I thought was lost forever. She gave me a love I’d earned. Love that ruined me. Love that made me hopelessly hers…”

Once upon a time, I didn’t think I’d ever be normal.

Now, I’m talking and trusting, and it’s all thanks to Elder.

He gave me my life back, and I gave him my heart, but love stories like ours are never simple.

I did something to protect him.

He did something to survive me.

We screwed up.

And now, it’s no longer just about us.

It’s about safety, sanctuary, and sin.


I think these last two books where my favourite throughout the whole series.

Pepper Winters finally gives you a sense of relief from reading those sordid, horrible details in the first book.


It’s a strange word. It can make you ridiculously happy. It can break you in two.

For Elder and Pim it’s a horrible feeling that neither of them are used to. Elder having been banished by his family lives a lonely existence. Pim having been bought and sold hasn’t felt a loving touch in over two years.

They both need each other, but will their love make or break them?

I adore Pepper Winters witty ways of bringing these two (now) stubborn characters together. With new found confidence and flair Pim plays Elder at his own game – and it’s amazing to read! Elder doesn’t know what’s hit him and deals with it in the only way he knows how – he pushes Pim away.

On giving her the option of going home and finding her mother, he needs her to leave. He wants nothing more than for her to stay, but for Elder, Love always ends in heartbreak, and he cant survive another round of it.

Neither of them will survive this unless they give in to the inevitable. And that inevitable is each other.

Title: Millions

Author : Pepper Winters

Release Date: 28-11-2017

Star Rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


“Love had been given and taken and now…it had been stolen. No one steals from a thief—especially from me—and I will defend what’s mine until my dying breath. It’s not a question of what I’m willing to sacrifice but who to deserve her…”

Once upon a time, I stupidly believed if I could make Elder fall for me, everything would be perfect.

Now, I’m missing, and he’s hunting, and everything is far from our happily ever after.

He gave me his heart, and I gave him my promise, but true love isn’t sacred to others.

War is coming, disaster is brewing, and I’m not going down without a fight.

Elder is mine.

I am his.

And no one can keep us apart.

Fifth and Final Book in the USA Today Bestselling Series


Finally! The fifth and final book in the Dollar Series finally gives us eager readers a taste of love between Elder and Pim. A true relationship blooms between the pair and it’s sickeningly sweet.

As if we haven’t waited long enough for them both to realise what they mean to each other – it gets ripped away.

I hate that I can’t scream from the rooftops about the massive twist in this story, as I hate to give away story lines but JESUS!

While Elder battles the evil of his past – the Chinmoku, Pim is stolen from him.

The AMAZING twist in this story had me jumping up and down like a school girl. It was ridiculous and so unexpected for me! I don’t know if you readers seen it coming and I was totally blind!

The two characters fighting for Pim was intense and you didn’t know who to side with! The ending is nothing but euphoric as they finally settle into a life they can manage, and that they can finally call their own.

This series is truly dark, dangerous and downright depressing at stages. But that only makes the other parts, the love, the romance, the connection between them all the more worthwhile!


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