Sam Mariano : Stitches A Ménage Romance (MFM)

Title: Stitches A Ménage Romance (MFM)

Author: Sam Mariano

Release Date: 24-01-2018

Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


I suppose it all started half a lifetime ago when a mean-looking kid named Griff walked into my life.

When we found the stability in one another we couldn’t find in the world.

When two lonely kids became brothers.

As kids, we had no place in the world, so as men, we made our own. We took on everything together, building our own empire—partners in business and in life.

I guess that’s where it got complicated.

When I fell in love with Moira, and Griff had to share me for the first time.

When he liked what belonged to me just a little too much, and he started avoiding both of us until he came up with his own shitty way of coping.

I don’t know exactly when it all started, to be honest, but I know when it all fell apart.

There are exactly two people in the world who have my love, so what the hell am I supposed to do when holding onto one means losing the other?

What I always do, I guess.

Handle it.


Holy Shite was this book hot!

I’ve never read a ménage romance before and can honestly say that Stitches has got me a little intrigued to hunt down some more!

Of course, at first, I was thinking how is this going to work? Is it going to be a little sleazy? Well, rest assured it was anything but!
Sam has turned this unique story into a loving, romantic fairy-tale – totally different to her other works (The Morelli Series)

We still have not one, but two dominant leading male characters and I think they’re both portrayed as big burly men with soft hearts beautifully! And of course if you like the idea of having both…..the steamy scenes are out of this world!

I love how Sam has managed to bring the issues we seem to have in society with our definitions of a ‘relationship’ and turned it into a blooming romance novel. Who is to say what our relationships should be? You do what you feel is right and what makes you happy!

While Moira came across as a little timid at first, I honestly think she represented a good few women, who, given the same circumstances would probably react the same way.

There is no cheating, no lies or deception in this book. It’s a beautifully written love story – one that may seem unconventional to some, but truly romantic to others!

Loved it Sam!


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