February Overview

February has been a very busy month for me! The month of love and romance – and some damn dark, steamy, hot, sex scenes!

The blog is still in its newborn faze, and so I’ve been planning and plotting new features for a few weeks now!

I’ve read and reviewed six books in total, taking my goodreads Reading Challenge to 26/200!

I definitely think I’m on track to complete my target this year!

Overall, February has consisted of the following books –

A second chance to sparkle – Pippa Taylor

My life as a country album – L J Evans

A valentines day treat – Sam Mariano

Midnight Blue – L J Shen

A Harmless Little Game (Trilogy) – Meli Raine

Blood and Roses – Lylah James

Links to my reviews – 


My top picks for this month are

My life as a country album – Young Adults

Blood and Roses – Dark Romance

A Valentines day treat – MFM Ménage Romance

Midnight Blue – Rock star Romance

Purchase Links (UK) –

My life as a country album **Free on Kindle Unlimited**
my life as a country album (my life as an album)

Blood and Roses **Free on Kindle Unlimited**
Blood And Roses (Tainted Hearts)

A Valentines day treat **Free on Kindle Unlimited**
A Valentine’s Day Treat: Two Short Stories

Midnight Blue **Free on Kindle Unlimited**
Midnight Blue
I’ve really enjoyed February as a whole, it’s been a mix of totally different reads and I’ve definitely added a few to my re-read list!

Coming up! 

March is looking just as exciting! My diary is jam packed with new releases and a few Advanced Reader Copies! (And the promise of nicer weather is always a bonus!) Be sure to check tomorrow’s post for the books coming up over the next month!


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