Currently Reading : Passport to savannah – River Winters

Happy Monday everyone! I know, I know! Monday’s can be such a drag, especially if your here in the UK right now. All of our beautiful snow has turned into that dirty sludge and we’re all back to work like it never happened! But what better way to start the week, and to lift your mood than with a new book?

I’m currently tucking into River Winters’ Passport To Savannah and I can already say I’m enjoying it!


Assigned to the cleaning detail of billionaire guest, Lucian D’Amico, Savannah does everything in her power to resist the dark, sexy foreigner with the panty-dropping smile. In spite of making a fool of herself in front of the man on more than one occasion, she’s surprised by the words that come out of the gorgeous bachelor’s mouth…

Under pressure to honor his mother’s dying wish to take a wife, Lucian isn’t looking for love, not even close. Just a brief, discreet marriage that will last long enough for him to inherit what is rightfully his. While on business in New York, he’s caught off guard by a no-name beauty in high heels and a white backless dress who vanishes in the blink of an eye. When their paths cross again unexpectedly the next day, Lucian is taken aback when he learns the mysterious, wild-haired vision is none other than his maid. Confused, yet intrigued by the sassy, Southern belle with the killer curves, he’s not about to let her get away again so he does what any warm-blooded man in his position would do. He proposes!

Torn between her morals, her dreams, and what pays the bills, Savannah’s life becomes an even more complicated mess when her high school sweetheart, Jackson, pops back into the picture with an offer of his own.

What’s a girl to do? Stay with the man who knows her heart? Or board a plane to paradise with a stranger who promises the world?

*Disclaimer: This book contains strong, juicy, adult language and sexual situations. Parental guidance is suggested for individuals under the age of 18. No parts of this book is to be used without the author’s permission or representation.

I’ll be posting a review for this read next week!

Amason Purchase Link
Passport to Savannah: Destination Unknown


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