**Cover Reveal** Taboo Love Duet – V.Theia

The Taboo Love Duet is coming very soon!

Meet Sena and Noah.

Book 1 – It was Love – Release Date: March 22.

Book 2 – It Was Always Love – Release Date: April 12. .



BLURB: It Was Love —



♡Today’s love doesn’t always have to look like yesterday’s love ♡

Falling in love with your best friend is so cliché and old as time.

I’m just a southern girl in New York.

I never imagined I’d meet my soulmate.

And not a big deal like Noah Fierro. He’s the classic type A personality with a side order of brusqueness. Far too handsome and a magnetism I was swept up in.

And …we’re both into guys.

Curve ball, right? Tell me about it. I was crushed.

But he’s my person. My bestie.

And I need to ditch my enormous crush for good.

What if a friendship is so consuming it supersedes conventionality?

We have love. But will my heart be broken?

I’m Sena Black and is he …. Straight-for-me?

#TheQueer #TheGeek #AWholeLotOfHotFriendship

Add to TBR shelves: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/38824679-it-was-love


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