Powerless – Lauren Cooper **Release Day**

I Can’t believe it’s is RELEASE DAY!
It’s here! (I’m going to hide now!)
Title: Powerless
Author: Lauren Cooper
Release Date: 08.03.2018


More. I needed more.
I never anticipated how much that need would change my life. I’d pushed my law firm into this merger to get more. My entire life I’d battled the odds stacked against me, never once letting anyone tell me I couldn’t do something, and I wouldn’t start now. I didn’t need anything, but I wanted it. I craved it, and in the end, I craved him.
I make my money from defending people in a court room. I make a living from other people’s crimes.
So why can’t I bring the one person accountable for crimes against me to justice?
The Truth? I’m powerless.
Mia Bellucci is a head strong, business woman. Her company is at a standstill and her only solution is in the hands of Liam Hadleigh.
What she doesn’t realise is that a lot more than her company is at stake.
After throwing caution to the wind, and giving this new merger her all, Mia finds herself handing over more than just her business.
Her attention is completely on him and making the money she so desperately craves for peace of mind. So much so that she doesn’t see her past slithering through the cracks.
18+ content
Trigger Warnings

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