Release & Review : Shadowmancer – Jeremy Mac

Shadowmancer Cover

Title: Shadowmancer

Author: Jeremy Mac

Release Date: 31.03.18

Star Rating: 4/5


To the unassuming eye, it is like any other of its kind, but for its host, it is much more than a mere shadow. Playmate, friend, protector, instigator, its influence is subtle but calculated, and as the boy enters adulthood it grows stronger, darker, depraved, and even more influential. Will the young man be able to maintain the conscious will to stay in control, or will a hunger unlike anything in this world overtake him entirely? And what’s more, who is the woman that comes to him only in dreams? Wanton and seductively, she is stalked by an all consuming darkness that very well may hold the answer to it all


I honestly didn’t know what to expect as I’ve never read any supernatural erotic novels before, but I can honestly say I really enjoyed this book!
They made a great change from your typical erotic/romance novels!
I was intrigued by the story line, and how much detail Jeremy went into – I think the connections to teenage hormones was spot on. I like how the character doesn’t come from your typical ‘dark past so I’m like this because of that’ I love how we learn about him and his shadow from the very beginning.
Jeremy gives a very good outline to the story from the get go and the mystery behind his dream woman had me itching to know more!
Adam is portrayed brilliantly, I think he got the balance right between him being just a shadow and being a totally different entity!
I will say that in a lot of erotic novels there’s slightly more graphic sex scenes but you don’t necessarily need these here! Maybe a few more details wouldn’t go a miss!
The book is well written and the story flows very well – especially into the second instalment! I found myself wanting to read more as soon as I’d finished! The cliffhanger of Amanda was a shock! How?! Why?!
Granted it’s not my usual genre I do plan on following Evan & Adam’s story!

If you like supernatural erotica then definitely check out this book! Jeremy has several other novels available on amazon, you’re bound to find one of his to tickle your taste buds!

My review for this book also features within the pages! How awesome is that!


Purchase Link (Amazon UK)


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