Book Review: It Was Love – V.Theia

Title: It was Love
Author: V Theia
Release Date: 22.03.18
Star Rating: 5/5


Falling in love with your best friend is so cliché and old as time.
I’m just a southern girl in New York.
I never imagined I’d meet my soulmate.

And not a big deal like Noah Fierro. He’s the classic type A personality with a side order of brusqueness. Far too handsome and a magnetism I was swept up in.

And … we’re both into guys.

Curve ball, right? Tell me about it. I was crushed.
But he’s my person. My bestie.

And I need to ditch my enormous crush for good.

What if a friendship is so consuming it supersedes conventionality?
We have love. But will my heart be broken?

I’m Sena Black and is he … Straight-for-me?

Disclaimer: Due to this book being part of a duet series the story does have one of those big ole stonking TO BE CONTINUED endings. BUT book two comes right after! Intended for audiences 18+ because of the hot things two friends do together.


Where the hell do you start with V Theia’s amazing writing? I knew before the book even landed on my kindle that I would love Sena and Noah. There was no doubt about it. V is an amazing author, one that you should definitely check out if you haven’t already! It was Love is totally different from her Renegade Souls series, but the standard of writing is off the charts for both! You fall in love with the characters and their true to life emotions and qualms, and V successfully burrows into your heart, tugs at the strings and leaves you desperate for more.
Noah is gay. That much is true. Does he have a problem with that? Hell no. Noah is a deliciously determined, leading male character who gets what he wants when he wants – but he damn well works for it.
Sena is beauty in her own right. Without caring for what others think of her, she works her way up in the IT world, and hers and Noah’s lives become entangled ….. but he’s still gay! A friendship blooms into one of the most precious relationships I think I’ve ever read. Everyone should experience the level of friendship between Sena and Noah. That relationship where you can be totally yourself, all the time, no matter what and know that the other person is never going to turn their back on you.
But what do you do when that friendship becomes something more? It’s by far the most terrifying feeling when you’re in a city on your own and the threat of loosing the one person most important to you grows with each passing day. But then what do you do if that friendship has the possibility of turning into one of the best relationships of your life? Do you pass up that chance?
This book is amazingly written, it yanks at your heart strings over and over again and you fall maddeningly in love with the characters (except Tom, he’s a dick). I was left on the edge of my seat with soaking wet knickers by the end of this book….highly recommended! RR

Purchase Link (Amazon UK)

It Was Love (Taboo Love Duet Book 1)


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