Review : Shot in the dark – Leigh Taylor

Title: Shot in the dark (#1 Worth the Wait Series)
Author: Leigh Taylor
Release Date: 29th August 2017
Star Rating: 4/5


Ryan Stewart has one great love in life.

When her small coffee shop loses its lease, it sends Ryan reeling. As she finds herself at a crossroads, Ryan finds out she’s inherited a South Texas ranch. The chance feels like fate setting her world straight. With nothing but the hope of falling in love with Texas, Ryan sets off on an adventure that will change everything. She’ll fall head over boots not only for ranch life, but for the sexy cowboy who hates city girls with a passion.

Henry Remington has one great love in life.
The Waitin’ Ranch.

Henry’s invested everything cultivating his cattle business run on the leased land he’s grown to call home. However, he knows life will change once the mysterious Ryan Stewart arrives to take over the property. Only Henry’s expecting a man, not a gorgeous woman. Ryan’s a city girl through and through and Henry knows she won’t make it three months on the ranch. He just has to wait her out but he needs to do it without losing his heart in the process.

Could a relationship that starts off as nothing more than a shot in the dark be exactly what Ryan and Henry have been waiting for?


This book is the first in the Worth The Wait series – and the first I have read from Leigh Taylor.
Shot in the dark is a very well written cowboy – city girl romance and I can honestly say I loved it! I got totally sucked into the life of Ryan and Henry and their life on the ranch. (FYI Ryan is female) While Ryan is just plodding along after a tough break up and the loss of her business she seems to have a stoke of luck when an inheritance she never expected turns up on her door step turning her life upside down – but for the better.
I really loved both the main characters and their supportive ones, truly because I love the country life and envy them oh so much! The way Leigh Taylor has written this novel gives you a true sense of these people right down to their Texan accents. You hear them in your head as your reading each line and they really do come to life.
There were a few issues with my eBook of repeated words (this could have been rectified by now – I’m not sure) but this didn’t affect my reading of the book or the understanding of any scenes.
The romance is alive and sparks between the pages, I can’t wait to give the second book a go and read all about Henry’s sister Bea!

Purchase Link: (Amazon UK)

Shot in the Dark: A Caffeinated Cowboy Romance (Worth the Wait Book 1)


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