Book Review: Broken – L M Mountford

Title: Broken
Author: L M Mountford
Release Date: 01.04.18
Star Rating: 4/5


Vickey Romano is the girl with a secret you don’t want to bring home to mum.

Beautiful, haunted, and on the run, she works a string of temp jobs and never lets anyone get too close. Until that is, she meets Jake. The living definition of dark and dangerous, he tells her nothing about himself, keeps a SIG P226 in his bedside table and can make her go weak-kneed with just a word.

She knows she should stay away, he has her caught in his web and she’s helpless to resist.

All she can do is hope her past doesn’t kill him in the process..


This is the first book by L M Mountford that I’ve had the chance to read, and I can say that I enjoyed it! It’s very witty and filled with British humour that had me chuckling at some stages! I did find that we where introduced to a lot of characters quite early on, however this made sense the more I read into the book. It has left me clutching at the pages for more of Vickey and Jake’s story! The plot is intense and leaves you wanting to know!! I need more of these characters!! The sex scenes are certainly steamy and give a whole other level to the characters relationship, bringing in some lust filled emotions to mix in with the ones of terror and fear.
Great read all around, will definitely be keeping an eye out for more from this author!

Purchase Link: (Amazon UK)



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