Book Review: Dare to Love Two & Two Left In Love – Bell Buckle Series – C C Ann

Title: Dare to Love Two (Bell Buckle Book 1)

Author: C C Ann

Release Date: 18.2.17

Star Rating: 4/5 🌟


Ava is eighteen and graduating high school. She is teetering on the line of becoming an adult woman but isn’t really there yet. She’s unsure of a lot of things going on in her life right now, but with no real support from home she deals with it alone.

She’s in love with two guys. One being her high school sweetheart and the other she didn’t see coming. Her boyfriend’s best friend. But with college on the horizon and her dreams of leaving her small town she doesn’t know what to do.

Bobby and Jake have been best friends forever, but after seeing Ava at a party one night they both need to have her. Not wanting to ruin their friendship they flip a coin and Bobby gets the girl. But just because Bobby won the girl doesn’t mean Jake stopped liking her. A couple years pass by and they’re all getting ready to graduate. Jake loves his best friend but his feelings haven’t waned. And now he’s thinking that flipping that coin was a big mistake. When he see’s his chance to get the girl he takes it. Now friendships and relationships will be destroyed. But when these two guys realize they don’t want to be without Ava they will do anything to have her. Even if it means they have to share her.

***18+ This book contains graphic sexual content and language. This book is a cliffhanger. There will be another book.***

Review: 🛎

Very good story line! *Warning – there is cheating (some may argue that it isn’t but it kinda is!)*

I’ve never read a book with a plot like this one! I really didn’t think I’d enjoy it but I found myself feeling sorry for Ava. Whilst the plot is as stated above, cheating, you can’t help but fall for her naiveté. This is based around high school kids and I’m sure we can all understand the rampant hormones we all go through. I really loved the relationship that Ava has with Jake and Bobby, and I definitely wasn’t expecting that plot twist! I say no more! But if you love a southern belle romance then this is worth a read! It’s different and enticing, with an ending that leaves you scratching at the cover of the second!


Title: Two left in love (Bell Buckle Book 2)

Release Date: 20.2.18

Star Rating: 4/5 🌟


Historic Bell Buckle, TN

Known for their quilts, antiques, and handmade crafts.

Home to the RC Cola and Moon Pie Festival.

This is Ava’s hometown. Home to the infamous love triangle of Ava, Bobby, and Jake. Small towns know everything. Ava couldn’t wait to leave Bell Buckle after shame came knocking on her door. Afraid and embarrassed, she left thinking she needed more than just another quiet small town life anyway. She never looked back; leaving her family and friends behind; thinking she’d wouldn’t miss it. And for a while, she didn’t because as the saying goes, “Out of sight, out of mind.” But when she has no choice but to return home after years away she begins to think maybe home really is where the heart is.

Question is will she be welcomed back? Can she find forgiveness with the two men she destroyed all those years ago?

Authors Note: This is the conclusion to Dare To Love Two. This is not a Stand Alone, the first book should be read before this one. Content is for eighteen and over.

Review: 🛎

I didn’t know what to expect from book number two! C C Ann has successfully grown the characters through this second book and we see them entering adulthood. I still couldn’t help but feel sorry for both Jake & Bobby but from a female perspective I understood Ava and her ability to make a mountain out of a mole hill. While I understand some readers may disagree with Ava hugely – remember this is fiction and that’s what makes it fun to write. C C Ann has created a world in Bell Buckle where you can honestly picture yourself, and the characters. Their surroundings are brought to life on the pages, their feelings and emotions too. I can’t wait for book three and to find out how Ashley’s doing!🌼


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