Book Review: Staying in Vegas – Sam Mariano

Title: Staying in Vegas

Author: Sam Mariano

Release Date: 04.04.18

Star Rating: 5/5 🌟


Nothing can prepare you for what happens in Vegas…

When I met Rafe Morelli, he didn’t look like the biggest mistake I’d ever make; he seemed closer to the crime family version of Prince Charming. Charismatic, beautiful, and attentive—with an intoxicating air of power—Rafe was the stuff of my darkest fantasies.

What we had should have been a simple fling, no-strings-attached. My hot weekend with the sexy, dominant Vegas boss—a harmless memory to replay once I returned to my quiet, predictable life.

One tiny hitch in that plan: a panty-melting memory isn’t all he left behind. Now the stakes have changed, and I’m faced with a potentially life-altering decision. Do I stay away and enjoy my status as the only woman in known history who has played in the Morelli flames without getting burned, or do I risk everything and step back into the fire?

Takes place AFTER the original Morelli family series. You can read this trilogy without reading the original series, but there will be some original series spoilers, and two of the main characters from this trilogy were originally introduced as side characters in the original Morelli family series. Like the original Morelli series, this trilogy is a continuing story involving the same characters, not three separate-couple standalones.


This is a Morelli Family series and should be read with the knowledge that the Morelli’s are flipping crazy, steamy, hot and a little bit psychopathic.

The Vegas series concentrates on Mateo Morelli’s cousin Rafe and I would advise that you read the previous novels before delving into this one to avoid spoilers! You should start with Accidental Witness (Morelli Family, 1)

**I would discourage from reading this review if you haven’t already read the Morelli Series**

Sam Mariano has fast become one of my favourite authors, and she didn’t disappoint with this new series! I found our main characters very similar to those in the original series. Rafe seems a lot like a younger Mateo, while Sin reminds me of Adrian.

Rafe is the new boss of the Las Vegas mafia, one to be feared and stayed away from. Laurel Price is the sister of the woman who is married into this crazy family. While Laurel never intended on being with Rafe for more than a raunchy holiday fling, he left something of his behind and she finds herself hauling ass to Vegas.

Sam has created one hell of a dilemma for these characters, one some readers may be able to relate to. The introduction of new characters is always difficult, especially when you’ve already established so many great ones in the series. Sin was a welcome surprise and his attitude is clear through the amazing choice of words Sam uses. He is complex, drop dead handsome and you cant help but feel the pull to  him.

This book was a great first instalment in this series and I cant wait to find out what happens in the second book. I love this family and their ways that we average folk cant comprehend. I love the steamy scenes and flow of the plot throughout this first book and can only hope it continues into the next!

Fancy Reading it?

Amazon UK Link:

Staying in Vegas: (Vegas Morellis, 1)


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