Book Review: Call me Irresistible by Jess Bryant

Title: Call Me Irresistible

Author: Jess Bryant

Release Date: 01.05.17

Star Rating: 4/5🌟


Impulsive. Irresponsible. Impossible.

Lemon Kelly lives in a world that is fast, loud and a little bit crazy. She left her small hometown for the bright lights of Nashville and has been living her dream ever since. She’s traveled the world and plays her music for crowds of adoring fans. She has everything she ever wanted. Only the wants of a 17 year old girl vary greatly from the needs of a grown woman. Is it selfish to want something more, something like the love she writes songs about?

Can a girl have two dreams? Or will she have to give up one to get the other? And if so… which? Fame or a family of her own?

Stable. Solid. Safe.

Shane Lowry likes his quiet, controlled life. The always responsible small town deputy is a father to his three daughters first and foremost. Nothing comes before them. He had to grow up fast and early and he’s long since stopped letting silly things like lust control his actions. He doesn’t even date. So why does he find himself so drawn to the lively girl next door turned country music superstar that is the complete opposite of what he should want in a woman?

If he lets her in, she’ll shake up his entire world. He knows it. But is that a good thing or a very bad thing?

The sparks between them are undeniable. The pull irresistible. And if they take a chance they just might find what they’ve both been missing.


This was my first read by Jess Bryant and I really enjoyed it! The plot was well thought out and the characters portrayal is delivered to the readers beautifully. I haven’t read a story like this one before and Jess has concentrated on some true to life issues many women face. I loved Lemon’s character and her personality, her sometimes insecurities can speak to us all I’m sure. Shane’s single dad character was written perfectly, the way he was dedicated to his daughters above all else spoke as a true inspiration to men everywhere.

I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more from this author!

My 4/5 star Rating is based around the tempo of the novel as I felt it was a little too drawn out at some stages!


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