Book Review: Just One Kiss – BB McNeil

Title: Just one kiss

Author: B B McNeil

Release Date: 14.03.17

Star Rating: 4/5 🌟


Leah Simone Bradshaw just arrived in Washington, D.C. hoping to put miles between her new life and the relationship turmoil left behind in Seattle. She’s a self-proclaimed ‘good girl’ with her head on straight and a clear vision for her future. That is, until she runs into Matthew Morrison, her best friend’s younger brother.

Matthew Morrison spent most of his pre-teen years being the ugly duckling but has no plans to return. His good looks, sculpted body and military training have made him a force among his friends, family and the insatiable ladies of D.C. With no plans to settle down, Matthew spends his time giving women one thing—and it’s not a commitment.

Matthew is a manwhore with the brains, body and bedroom reputation Leah was hoping to avoid. Known for having a different woman in his bed every night, what happens when Matthew decides he now wants to add Leah to the list? Drawn to his every word and movement, can Leah keep her distance and stay focused just when her body craves him most? What about the bombshell in Leah’s past that threatens to unravel everything?

Trapped inside an insatiable world of sex and secrets, Leah and Matthew prove one kiss is rarely just a kiss.


It took me a while to get into this book as I couldn’t connect with Matthew as a main character. Matthew is a total ladies man and has no regard for Leah and her feelings towards him- I thought he was a bit of an idiot to be honest. However, the relationship between Leah & Matthew is just friends for a while and that includes them dating other people and telling each other about it- granted Matthew isn’t a mind reader and isn’t obvious to Leah’s feelings for him. Even so the more you read into the book he clearly talks to her about past sexual experiences – some things a girl just doesn’t need to know!

The plot is well written although there are a few instances where the story gets mixed up, but this didn’t effect the overall read of the book.

The characters are well written and fit well with the story line, but it took me a while to get into them.

Good read once Matthew got his head out of his backside! Well done B B McNeil!

Amazon (UK) Purchase Link:

Just One Kiss


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