Book Review: The Night Manager – Tarrah Anders

Title: The Night Manager

Author: Tarrah Anders

Release Date: 20-04-18

Star Rating: 5/5🌟


I wake up naked in bed with my best friend’s little sister and I have no recollection of what happened. After we go our separate ways, she soon ends up on my doorstep with nowhere to go in the middle of the night and I let her stay with me until she gets her own place.
I tell myself that nothing can happen by burying myself in work and that I fight to ignore the desire burning through my veins of her presence, but I’m only human.


I’ve read a few of Tarrah’s books and I always fall in love with not just the story but the characters too! In the first chapter alone of The Night Manager I fell head over heels in love with Jacks. Tarrah has created strong, individual characters that you can relate to. There’s no billionaires or harrowing story line here, there’s just two people living their lives who happen across one another. Boring? Hell no.

The connection between Cam and Jacks is beautiful, raw and undoubtedly one of the most down to earth reads I’ve ever come across.

The plot is exciting with our leading male character as an ex erotic dancer, turned club owner. Cam is starting fresh in Vegas and ends up on his doorstep. Being the nice guy he is, Jacks let’s her stay with him, but for what it’s worth, he can’t keep himself away from her anymore.

Great read! Definitely recommend!! 🖤

Amazon (UK) Purchase Link:

The Night Manager


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