Dark Betrayal – A J Daniels. Release & Review

Title: Dark Betrayal
Author: A J Daniels
Release Date: 25.05.18
Star Rating: 5/5 🌟

What happens when you have to choose between loyalty to your family and loyalty to your heart?


I begged, pleaded with them to not make me do it. To spare his life. It was the only thing I ever asked of them and instead of granting me my sole wish, they gave me an ultimatum. Him or me. If I couldn’t choose, we would both die. Could I sacrifice the man who saved me to save myself?


She thinks I don’t know the real reason for her seeking me out after two years. But I know. I’ve been watching her closely, anticipating the day she’ll make contact. What I hadn’t anticipated was my body’s reaction to her when she stumbled into my apartment. But hell, as long as she’s playing the game, I will too. I’ll have her as much and in as many ways as I can get her until the time comes when the decision will have to be made; me or her. Together we’ll destroy each other. Could I walk away from the girl with the emerald eyes?

This is a mafia-based romance and the book contains some scenes readers may find distressing. I was really looking forward to this book, it’s the second book in A J’s Famiglia series and It did not disappoint! Book one is based around Brax (the Don) and Klara and Book Two is based around Alessandro (Alex – the don’s second hand) and Jessika. I honestly did not see this plot coming! From book one I thought Jess was innocent! (NO SPOILERS!) A J has outdone her self with this story, I couldn’t put it down! Alessandro is HOT. The plot is insanely addictive, to the point of you ignoring your family to read it. The lust between the two main characters is off the charts and that’s owing to carefully chosen words and scene planning. The sex is rough, fierce and hot just like the main characters. I love, love, love the female characters A J writes. They’re hot headed, gorgeous warriors that I would love to have on my side. They bring these mafia men to their knees, and it’s amazing.
The story is dark, twisted and full of steamy scenes. The danger is rife and certain scenes have you flicking the pages of your kindle to get to the next part. (You will be wanting to flick something else by the end of this book – is that too dirty for a review? I don’t know I’m being honest here)
Definitely recommend this series if you love a highly volatile mafia romance with a twist!

Amazon (UK) Purchase Link:

Dark Betrayal


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