Release & Review: Filthy Love – V. Theia

Title: Filthy Love (Renegade Souls MC)

Author: V. Theia

Release Date: 28.06.18

Star Rating: 5/5🌟


They call him a deadly sociopath.

For years he was that man.

Without emotional sanity.

The little bit of a thing changed him.

Seventeen, his president’s sister

and too innocent for what Hawk craved.

With forbidden love came great stalking.

Can he fight the stains left by his demons?

The VP of the Renegade Souls MC

will do anything for Gia Marinos.

Including walking away from his club,

best friend and his treasured leather cut.

But just when he thinks he can have it all…

His past reminds him how unworthy of her he is.

Sometimes the hero needs rescuing by the princess.

Disclaimer: A sociopath will do almost anything for his old lady. So, this book is intended for those 18+ who can handle a VP at his sexiest.


This book was EVERYTHING. Victoria enticed me with her words and forced me to fall in love with Hawk and then broke my heart. The sociopath was oh so underserving of his past but Jesus does Victoria make it up to him!

Gia was an amazing leading female character, I don’t think anyone could have written someone better for Hawk. They are a match made in sociopathic heaven. Gia gets a bit stabby and I loved that about her! Hawk gets a little softer and damn if my ovaries didn’t nearly explode!!

I didn’t want it to end but the attitude, drama and banter between the two carried on until the very end.

We see a little of the other Renegade Souls but not too much and I loved that! Hawk has so much to say (maybe not with words) that he needed this book.

It’s a devastatingly beautiful read.


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