Book Review: Mustang Maverick – Dee Ellis

Title: Mustang Maverick

Author: Dee Ellis

Star Rating: 4/5 🌟


Chevi Lane runs with the big boys. Being CEO of a fast paced, cut-throat boutique auto company, she has to. You might not even tell the difference if not for her hourglass figure, pretty face and wicked tongue. Chevi’s on a fast track to change the world, one auto build at a time. It takes one man to teach her how to slow down.

Jet Maverick is not just ten years her junior, he’s a lifetime behind her in lots of places that matter. Except, Jet knows how to take apart a car and put it back together in a few hours, how to design a genius hybrid engine that could put Mustang on top, and how to fine tune her body like no one else before. Bonus? He talks like Romeo and looks like an underwear model.

Can Chevi trust the young intern with not just her company’s future, but her heart?


I loved Jet & Chevi!!

The story was well written and thought out, the characters fit so well that you can clearly envision them!

This was a romance with a twist – both characters are dominant in their own little ways but it works! I think Dee has conquered a difficult subject for a lot of people within this book, and has written it beautifully.

Highly recommend!


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