Beta Reading Services

Firstly, let me start by congratulating you on finishing your manuscript!

**Insert Victory Dance Here**

It’s such a tremendous success! You should be totally 100% proud of yourself for finishing something that took blood, sweat, tears (probably copious amounts of alcohol) to finish!
So, what’s next?

The advice I always give authors is to give yourself a well-earned break before you begin proof reading your own work. Going away and concentrating on something else can really help clear your mind.
As Robin Reviews is aimed at Indie Authors (Self Published) and New Authors, this advice is mainly for you.
If you’ve made the decision to write under a pen name, you may not want to tell friends and family members that you have written a book yet. You’ll get there! I understand that niggling, what if they hate it? what if it’s totally rubbish?
If this is you, then you’re no doubt struggling to find someone to beta read your work. Even if you’ve convinced your bestie or your husband/wife to read it, they could be totally biased in saying your work is five stars, when truth be told it could do with some adjustments!

Please note that Beta Reading is NOT editing.

Robin Reviews & Beta Reading

Here at Robin Reviews we treat our Beta Reads just the same as we do Advanced Reader Copies (ARCS).

The process:

  • You contact us with your Book Details – Title, Author, Release Date, Deadline Date & Description/Blurb.
  • We will always read your book before any deadlines you may have – we will never delay you!
  • If for any reason we cannot guarantee to meet your deadline, we will tell you!
  • We will NEVER share your work with anyone. You will never see your manuscript posted on any of our sites or Social Media pages.
  • Once we have completed reading your work, we will provide you with a professional report regarding characters, plot, dialogue and the pace of your story.
  • On receipt of this report, we expect you to take constructive feedback with an open mind. (We know it can be disheartening, but the feedback is just that. We want you to succeed!)
  • On the day your book is released we will publish it on our blog along with a review. This review will also be posted on retail sites such as Amazon and GoodReads.

Why Beta Reads?

Great Question! Well, the simple answer to that is – fresh eyes.
Having someone who doesn’t know you, or your work to read your book is a great way to gain reader insight. You may picture your characters in a certain way, but have you conveyed them to your reader?

What we promise

  • We promise to read your entire manuscript by the deadline you provide us.
  • We will generate an honest, professional looking report outlining our beta-read findings.
  • We will never post about you or your book before the day of release.
  • On your release day we will publish a post with the details of you and your book along with media images.
  • The best part of all? Beta Reading is totally FREE with Robin Reviews!

If you have any questions regarding our Beta Reading service then please get in touch and we will reply to you as soon as possible!