Review Testimonials

“Thank you so much! For this beautiful picture and this beautiful review. I get giddy every single time someone says something nice about my books. You’ve made my whole Saturday! Thank you! Thank you!” – L J Evans. Author of My life as a country album & My life as a pop album. 

“This is why I love writing and sharing! I’m floored and so very happy you liked it. Thank you so much for the kind words” – Ava Bentley. Author of Watch Me. 

“I love this more than I can say! I’m so happy you understood Hades and where he was coming from. Thank you from the bottom of my writer heart for this amazing review” – V Theia. Author of Dirty Salvation, Preacher Man, Tracking Luxe & Hades. 

“Ahh! Once again you made me shriek with joy. Thank you so much for the beautiful review. You’re a peach for it and I adore you! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!” – Rebel Carter. Author of Steve. 

“Thank you very much for the beautiful review! Thank you for reading the novel and thank you for your time. I’m happy to know that the story of Krum and Ambra liked you” – Marilena Barbagallo. Author of He wants it all.